2022 – If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!

It’s a wrap! 2022, another year that went by in a flash. What promised to be the “Back to normal” year didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but what does! It was a challenging but educational year for Proactiv Sports and the kids sports coaching industry in Singapore. We faced many obstacles and challenges, but […]

How Important are Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the basic movements traditionally associated with human physical activity. The most common FMS include skills such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, catching, skipping, and hopping.  Fundamental sports skills are the basic sports skills which are the foundations that are essential to becoming an elite athlete in all sports. They include […]

4 top tips for choosing a holiday sports camp in Singapore

Are you currently searching for the best holiday sports camp in Singapore to keep your child or children happy and engaged throughout the school holidays? Well, you are not alone.  To try and make the process a little easier, our team has put together a list of our top 4 tips to help you make […]

The Importance of Physical Literacy

Regular physical activity is an essential component to health and wellbeing as an adult, and it is one area that we have complete control over. This component starts at a young age, whereby learning the fundamentals of movement and developing a positive attitude to physical activity and sport, individuals can gain the skills, experiences, and […]

A Day In The Life Of A Prodigy Camper

What should I expect in a Prodigy afternoon camp? You have packed your child’s backpack with some snacks and their water bottle. You’re on your way to Prodigy with your child who may be nervous and anxious at the same time.  (this is often how parents feel as well) but don’t worry, our professional and […]

Is your child sleep-deprived? We have some ideas to help you!

As a parent, it may feel like uninterrupted sleep is something that is out of reach, at least until your child goes to college. It is indeed challenging to help them develop good sleeping habits, but luckily children’s brains are adaptable and poor sleeping habits can be reversed! Physical activity greatly improves sleeping patterns in […]

Is Your Child at Risk of Drowning?

Is Your Child at Risk of Drowning?

According to the World Health Organization, drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the world. In most countries, it ranks among the top three causes of death from unintentional injury, with the rates highest among children under the age of five.  A small child can drown in a few centimetres of water […]

The Multi-Sport Advantage

Here at ProActiv Sports we often get asked the question “Which sports programme would you recommend for my child?,” and our answer to parents with young children (18 months to 6 years) is always “Multi-Sports”. Encouraging your child to take part in a Multi-Sport programme can help your child’s development by: Building a solid foundation […]

School Holiday Woes

School Holiday Woes

Why exercise is essential during school holidays Oh, the school holidays. Waking up late, eating all day, and lazing around watching TV or playing video games – it’s the stuff kids’ wildest dreams are made of. As a parent, it’s natural to want your child to kick back and live out their idyllic conception of […]

A Day In The Life Of A Holiday Camper


What happens at condo camps? It’s Monday morning, the sun is shining, you have packed your child’s backpack with a snack, water bottle, hat, sun cream, bug repellent, hand sanitizer and you are on your way to one of ProActiv Holiday Camps with your child, who may be feeling nervous and anxious at the same […]